The KidsBreeding schedule
Senior Does
1 AGS JR Grand Champion  5/5/07
2 AGS RGCH Senior Doe 4/26/08 Plymouth
1 ADGA RGCH Senior Doe 6/7/08 Madera
1 AGS/ADGA RGCH Senior Doe 4/24/09 Plymouth
1 AGS Grand Champion Senior Doe 6/28/09
1 NDGA JR Grand Champion 5/19/07
1 NDGA Grand Champion Senior Doe 5/17/08
1Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe County Fair\
1 ADGA/AGSGrand Champion Senior Doe NVDGA (8/20/11)
1ADGA/AGS Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe NVDGA 8/20/2011
1NDGA Best Udder California State Fair  7/2012
MCH Castle Rock MB Lullaby 4/13/06
Lilly has the most endearing personality and is a farm favorite.  
She stands on great feet and legs and has a nice udder with excellent
attachments and is holding up well with 6 freshenings under her belt
and a best udder award at State Fair as a 6 year old.  She is a very
sharp doe with  wonderful flatness of ribs and razor sharp withers.  
Her daughter Hollywood received her MCH/CH status as a first
freshner! Lilly is a smaller doe who is average in body length but we
keep this in mind when breeding and her offspring tend to have more
length than she does as you can see in Hollywood below. I have
retained several of her does and a buck because she is that nice.
SS: MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch
Sire:  Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay*S+
SD: MCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 3*D  E

DS:MCH/ PGCH Ponders End MTP Wall Street
Dam: ARMCH/CH/PGCH Esperanza WS Sara*D 'VG'
DD: Esperanza ZZ Sedona Snowstorm
Kidding History:
2008- Twins- 2 bucks
2009 Twins- 2 does
2010- Quads- 2 does and 2 bucks
2011- Quads- 2 does and 2 bucks
2012- Quads- 3 bucks and 1 doe
2013- Quints- 3 bucks and 2 does
(last kidding- retiring)
MCH/CH Sly Farms GN Catalina  3/9/08
This is a very long doe with a gorgeous topline, a nice rump, and
levelness from thurl to thurl.  This is truly one of my nicest does.  
She has a very capacious udder with the smoothest fore udder and
great side and medial attachments so her udder has held up
snuggly each year.  Catalina received her permanent championship
title in both ADGA and AGS as a first freshener!!  I LOVE this doe.
SS: Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay+*S
Sire:  CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir
SD: Cloverdale YJ Blue Raven
DS:  Twin Creeks Drops of Jupiter
Dam: Sly Farms DJ Hibiscus
DD:  Shooting Star Daisy
1 AGS/ADGA Grand Champion JR Doe-Madera 6/7/08 (Unofficial)
1 AGS Grand Champion JR doe (Placerville) 9/6/08
1Best in Show Jr Doe!!! (Placerville) 9/6/08
1 ADGA RGCH JR doe (Madera) 6/7/08
1 AGS/ADGA GCH JR doe (Plymouth) 4/24/09
1 GRCH JR doe (Sacramento County fair) 5/22/09
1 AGS/ADGA GCH Senior Doe (Plymouth) 5/1/10
1 AGS/ADGA RGCH Senior Doe (Plymouth) 5/1/10
2 RGCH AGS/ADGA RGCH Senior doe (Red Bluff) 5/15/10
1 RGCH ADGA Senior doe(Red Bluff) 5/16/10
1GCH AGS/ADGA Senior doe (Red Bluff) 5/16/10
1GCH SR Doe Sacramento County Fair 5/29/10
1 NDGA GCH SR Doe California State Fair  7/2012
Best in Show Doe at Sacramento State Fair 7/2012
1GCH Senior doe and Best doe in Show at Sac County Fair  5/2013
1GCH NDGA Senior Doe and Best Doe in Show at California State Fair 7/2013
Kidding History:
2010- Triplets- 2 does and 1 buck
2011- Twins- 2 does
2012- Twins- 1 doe and 1 buck
2013- Twins- 1 doe and 2 bucks
MCH/CH Sly Farms ML Hollywood      2/9/09
SS: Woodhaven Farms Latigo
Sire: CRF Castle Rock Mr. Lincoln
SD: TX Twin Creeks WDF Sunsprite

DS:Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay+*S
Dam: MCH (pending) Castle Rock MB Lullaby
DD: ARMCH/CH/PGCH Esperanza WS Sara*D 'VG'
Holly has great dairy character and very nice
length of body.  She has sharp withers and a
wonderful shoulder assembly.  She is a stunning
doe who has received her champion status in ADGA
and AGS as a first freshner!  I love her snuggly
attached udder  and has excellent attachments all
around. She is a very outsanding doe and is exactly
what we strive to breed at Sly Farms.  I am very
pleased with Hollywood's udder this year with her
3rd freshening. I wish she weren't finished in ADGA
and AGS because I would love to show this one off!
1 ADGA RGCH JR Doe 5/22/01
1 ADGA  JR Grand Champion 5/1/10 (unofficial)
1AGS   JR Grand Champion 5/1/10 (Plymouth)
1 ADGA/AGS GCH JR doe 6/11/10 (Placerville)
1ADGA/AGS RGCH JR doe 6/11/10 (Placerville)
2 ADGA/AGS RGCH Senior Doe-5/7/2011Placerville 5/2011
1 ADGA/AGS RGCH Senior Doe- 5/14/2011 NVDGA
1 ADGA/AGS GCH Senior Doe- 5/14/2011 NVDGA
1ADGA/AGS GCH Senior Doe- 8/20/2011 NVDGA (Bice)
1ADGA/AGS RGCH Senior Doe-8/20/2011 NVDGA (Senn)
1RGCH SR Doe Sacramento County Fair 5/2013
Kidding History:
2011- Twins- 1 buck and 1 doe
2012- Twins- 1 buck and 1 doe
2013- Triplets- 1 buck and 2 does
Fourth freshening
Second Freshening-
please excuse the straw!
Yes, her udder is really that big
and that nice.
5 yrs old and 4th freshening
4yrs old and 3rd freshening
2yrs old and 1st freshening
Sly Farms CJ Catamaran  Doe  2/17/11
SS: Twin Creeks FAX Ring of Fire
Sire: Copper Penny ROF Calico Jack
MCH Ponders End Nevis

DS: Castle Rock Guy Noir
MCH/CH Sly Farms GN Catalina
DD: Sly Farms DJ Hibiscus
I have been waiting for my Catalina doe and now I get to see
her freshen.  Her udder is the spitting image of her dam. She
kidded with one doeling this year and her capacity was
decent so I can't wait to see her as a second freshner.  
Hopefully I will get to take her to shows this next year!
1 AGS/ADGA Reserve Grand Champion  Jr Doe NVDGA
First freshening with 1 kid
Kidding History:
2013-1 doe
3rd Freshening